We’re preparing ourselves for the long winter months ahead. Here is a helpful article with tips and recommendations for keeping your home clean and minimizing safety hazards most don’t think about, but we deal with often.

Air Ducts, Furnace, and Dryer Vent Cleaning

It’s starting off to be a cold and snowy winter, which means you are probably spending more time inside than out. Keep your air quality clean with an air duct cleaning. The same goes for your furnace, which we typically do as part of our air duct cleaning service. Lastly, if you haven’t cleaned out your dryer vents for some time, now is a friendly reminder to do so to prevent a fire hazard.

Furniture Cleaning

It’s important to regularly vacuum your furniture to remove debris and prevent early wear and tear signs. If your furniture materials are primarily leather or vinyl, wipe it down with a microfiber cloth will keep it dust and debris-free. For a deeper clean, we recommend having your furniture cleaned professionally every 2-3 years.



Winter Safety Tips

Helpful Laundry Tips

  • Clean your dryer vent: Have you noticed your laundry isn’t drying as quickly as it once did? Now is a good time to clean out your dryer vent to minimize fire hazards. This is something most people can do on their own, but if your vent isn’t directly to an exterior wall, have a professional come and make sure any joints and ductwork the lint travels through are fully clear.
  • Clean front-loading wash machines: Have you noticed some build-up on your front-loading wash machine? It’s time to clean that leftover detergent, hard-water deposits, and mold or mildew around the lid. A helpful tip is to run two cups of white vinegar through a cycle to help remove these residues. Put the vinegar in each slot for detergent and run on a hot water cycle. Then run a second cycle of just water to rinse out any remaining vinegar.

Winter Tips for Clean Floors

  • Take off your shoes!! Help keep your flooring clean longer – Don’t track in mud and water from the outside.
  • Beware of ice melt: During this time of year, ice melt (magnesium chloride, AKA, salt) is everywhere. It wreaks havoc with your flooring. Salt is corrosive and can eat away at your flooring’s finish, damage grout for tiled flooring, and can stain your carpet. Make sure you take your shoes off or clean these high-traffic flooring areas more frequently.

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