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Professional and Certified Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are beautiful, comfortable, and warm. Used and cared for properly, they can last many years, and be a source of great pride and joy. But if not cared for, unsightly damage can cause many headaches. The most important part of any carpet care – vacuuming – should be frequent and thorough. Some studies show that good vacuuming can remove up to 70% of soils in a textured plush carpet.

Depending on use and location, carpet cleaning should be professionally completed once a year, and spot cleaned as necessary in the meantime.

Why Hire a Professional?

There are many methods that can be used to clean your carpets. Each carpet is unique. There are many different styles of pile, materials, backing, and pad. Our IICRC certified technicians have been trained to identify your particular carpet and adjust their cleaning method to maximize soil removal while ensuring that no damage is done. With an investment as large as your home or business’ carpets, it is important that the care given is the care needed. Industry professionals recommend using a certified carpet cleaning company to clean your carpets on a regular basis.

What to Expect from Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Fine Fabric Care’s technicians are trained to show the utmost professionalism and courtesy while in your home. Your satisfaction and comfort are our first priority. We understand it can be uncomfortable having strangers in your home and will do everything we can to make the experience comfortable.

Step 1:
Walk-through with the owner

Our technicians take note of the types of carpet they will be facing, the level of soiling and wear they will have to address, and the potential trouble they will have. During this time they can determine the cleaning agents they will need, and the speed at which cleaning must be accomplished.

Step 2:
Beginning Carpet Cleaning Process

We will likely use a truck-mounted carpet cleaner (which will require a hook-up to a water source at the house or business). The technician will run hoses into the building, protect corners from these hoses if a danger exists of damaging them, apply a pre-treatment, and address spots that will need extra attention.

Step 3:
Finishing Your Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning technician(s) will block up any wood and metal furniture with styrofoam or plastic tabs. They may also apply a protector, and groom the carpet to give it a uniform appearance. Most carpets take between 4 and 8 hours to dry, although this can vary depending on humidity, thickness, and the amount of solution needed for your carpet cleaning.

Step 4:
Completion & Continued Care

You may walk lightly on the carpets immediately after the cleaning, but it is recommended that you wear footies (which we provide free of charge). Avoid heavy use, and/or stepping from a dirty surface (like outside) onto your freshly cleaned carpets. Wet carpets accept soil much more quickly than dry carpets.
fine fabric care employee performing power clean as part of carpet cleaning service
rinsing and cleaning carpets
applying cleaning product to carpet
fine fabric care employee brushing carpet fringe as last step to carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Soiling or Spotting

Spotting is a normal part of carpet use. Whether its source is a spill, a seep, or just general tracking, all carpets will build up soil over time. Cleanup can often be handled quickly and without a professional carpet cleaning. Come in today and we will provide you with 1 free bottle of our spot treatment! 

Is it lighter than the carpet?
If so, what you have is bleaching. This does not mean that chlorine bleach was necessarily the source. The sun, pet spots, and many household cleaners can have a bleaching effect on certain carpets, and bleaching must be color-repaired. Call us at (406) 782-5339, and we’ll send a certified technician to come and repair it.

Is the spot darker than the carpet?
It may clean relatively simply, using just a cleaning agent and a towel.

Carpet Wear Considerations

Like all things, carpets wear out as they age, and, depending on your carpet type, this can take several forms.

For frieze/shag carpet
Fibers may pull loose, resulting in an uneven knap. These carpets are also known to have issues in high traffic areas, including pooling – a distortion of the pile which can result in your carpets looking dirty even when clean.

For textured plush/cut pile carpets
These typically wear well. When they do have issues, it is often in the form of pile distortion in traffic areas.

Synthetic berber/loop pile carpets
These wear like steel and clean well. However, when a fiber pulls, it can cause a run that may cross your entire carpet and is nearly impossible to repair.

Fine Fabric Care’s Carpet Cleaning FAQs

Do cleaned carpets soil faster?

The carpet cleaning industry has come a long way in the past few years. While older methods left a lot of residual cleaning agents – and therefore would soil quite quickly – new methods continue to improve. Today, clean, dry carpets do not resoil any faster than new carpets.

How long will it take my carpet to dry?

This varies with the method your carpet cleaning technician had to use. Heavily soiled carpets require more aggressive methods, and these methods often take longer to dry. A rough average is between 4 and 6 hours.

Are your carpet cleaning services pet-friendly?

At Fine Fabric Care, we understand the importance of a clean and safe environment for both you and your furry friends. That’s why our carpet cleaning services are pet-friendly, using non-toxic cleaning solutions that ensure the well-being of your pets. Our team of experienced professionals will treat your carpets with care, removing any pet stains, odors, and allergens, leaving your home fresh and clean. Trust us to provide top-notch carpet cleaning services that are safe for your pets and effective in keeping your carpets looking their best.

How often should I have a professional carpet cleaning?

For residential carpets: Every Year.
For businesses with high traffic carpets: Every month.

The more often you vacuum and clean your carpets, the longer they will last. This is because embedded dirt and debris cuts away at the fibers every time you walk across your carpet. On average, it is recommended that carpets used frequently by a single-family be cleaned once a year. Businesses, especially restaurants, may choose to clean their carpets as often as once a month.

Can’t I just shampoo my carpets myself?

Of course, however, keep in mind that shampooing your carpets is an aid to, but not a replacement for, a professional carpet cleaning. Nearly all rental and/or residential machines leave residue in the carpets, and repeated carpet cleaning in this manner will cause quick resoiling, and possibly even greater problems. Even if you clean your own carpets, you should regularly hire a professional carpet cleaning service to follow up.

Other questions or concerns?

We would love to help! Call us: (406) 782-5339or visit our contact page for other ways to contact us.

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