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Professional and Certified Furniture Cleaning

It is recommended that we clean your furniture at our shop. Some cotton, wools, microfibers, and other fabrics cannot be cleaned on-site. At our shop, we have ample room, containment, and drying systems to do the job the best way possible. We will even pick up, and then deliver your furniture when it is done.

However, we understand that it is not always possible or desirable to move the furniture. Call us at (406) 782-5339, or visit our contact page to find the most convenient way for you to get ahold of us, and we will send a technician to evaluate whether we can clean your furniture on location. If we can, it will usually involve a sizeable amount of equipment at your location for a couple of hours.

What to Expect from Professional Furniture Cleaning?

Your furniture is a huge investment, and likely one of the more cherished items in your home. Fine Fabric Care’s technicians are trained to show the utmost professionalism and courtesy and your satisfaction and comfort are our first priority.

Step 1:
Identify Materials

The first step is identifying what materials your furniture is constructed from. This may be as simple as reading the tag, or as complicated as testing the fibers. From there, the methods vary based on the materials used.

Step 2:
Furniture Cleaning

Once we’ve determined your furniture materials, we will apply the proper cleaning methods to remove debris.

Step 3:

We ensure your furniture has been fully dried out after your furniture cleaning.

Step 4:

Depending on the material of your furniture, we may add a protectant layer to extend the longevity of your furniture.

fine fabric care employee cleaning leather couch
fine fabric care employee cleaning furniture
fine fabric care cleaning product
fine fabric care employee applying furniture protectant after cleaning

Furniture Cleaning Tips

Furniture Cleaning Recommendations

If your furniture is cloth, regular vacuuming is important. If it is leather or vinyl, wiping it down with a microfiber cloth will keep it dust and debris-free. Brushing the fabric gently with a soft-bristled comb will work out embedded particles, and make the furniture look fresh and new. Flipping your cushions if possible allow for more even wear, and gives a whole new clean side.

When these hints are no longer solving your issues, and you’ve run out of throw pillows to hide stains, it’s time to call in for a professional furniture cleaning.

Soiling or Spotting

Due to the fickle nature of furniture, it is often best to have a certified furniture cleaning professional care for spotting and staining issues on furniture. Taking matters into your own hands may at times even void the warranty. If possible, hide the stain, and call us at (406) 782-5339, and we will send a technician to care for the spot.

Fine Fabric Care’s Furniture Cleaning FAQs

Is my furniture even worth cleaning?

Furniture is an expensive investment. Most furniture can be successfully treated, and last many years thereafter. Discuss what can and can not be cleaned with a certified, professional cleaner – like Fine Fabric Care – to determine whether you want to try to save your furniture.

Can you clean leather furniture?

Yes. We use a specially designed cleaner and conditioner that will not damage the natural look of your furniture and will leave it shiny and squeak-free. Plus, leather furniture often looks great after it is cleaned and protected!

In addition, if your leather furniture has been badly sun-bleached, or if years of wear have permanently altered the coloring of the leather, we have technicians on staff that can recolor the piece. Call us at (406) 782-5339 and schedule an appointment!

How long will it take my furniture to dry?

t may take a while. You can speed the process by leaving the cushions and pillows loose and fully exposed on all sides to the air. If we can clean your furniture in our shop, we can often speed the drying via airflow and temperature regulation.

Is your furniture cleaning service pet-friendly?

At Fine Fabric Care, we understand that your pets are an important part of your family. That’s why our furniture cleaning service is completely pet-friendly. We use only safe and non-toxic cleaning products that are gentle on your furniture and safe for your furry friends. Our team of expert cleaners will ensure that your furniture is thoroughly cleaned and free from any pet odors or stains. Trust us to provide the best care for your furniture and keep your home a clean and healthy environment for both you and your pets. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

How often should I have my furniture cleaned?

Every 2-3 years.

Why didn’t a spot come out?

The certified technicians at Fine Fabric Care are trained and dedicated to clean your furniture as well as they possibly can. However, they will not use methods that will damage your property. In general, furniture made of special and/or natural materials must be cleaned more gently than synthetics. Then too, some spots are just permanent.

Why does my microfiber couch get so dirty?

Microfiber is one of the most absorbent materials on Earth. It will collect any kind of liquid. Nevertheless, a professional furniture cleaning can often make microfiber furniture look like new again.

Other questions or concerns?

We would love to help! Call us: (406) 782-5339or visit our contact page for other ways to contact us.

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