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Time is of the utmost importance when it comes to water damage restoration. First and foremost, get the water stopped. If you know where the local or main shutoff is and can access it without entering any standing water, do so. If you are unsure, or if you must enter a dangerous situation to get to it, call a plumber. Once the water has stopped, the clock is ticking to begin mitigation.

The longer water damage is left without restoration, or wet materials are left untreated, the more damage is done, and mold has the chance to grow. Even if you are reasonably sure that the structure and contents are dry, it is a good idea to have a certified water damage restoration company take a look. Typically this can be done for free, and you might be surprised at the findings. Water likes to hide and migrate to areas you might not even suspect.

Our Water Damage Restoration Can Include:

  • Flood damage restoration

  • Broken pipe

  • Sewer backup
  • Insurance claims

  • Toilet backup restoration

  • Mold damage

  • Water loss damage

  • Odor control

  • Contents cleaning

  • Structural cleaning

  • Pack out cleaning

What to Expect from Water Damage Restoration

We have helped many people through water damage restoration and are happy to help you as well. However long it may take, we will work right alongside you to mitigate the damage, eliminate odor, and clean contents.

Step 1:
Evaluate damage

A certified water damage restoration technician is sent to your home or business to evaluate the damage.

Step 2:
Homeowner Visit

Our technician will visit with the home or business owner and address their worries and come up with the best solution.

Step 3:
Water Damage Restoration

We will begin the water damage restoration process using industry best practices.

Step 4:
Complete Project with Homeowner and Insurance

Work with the home or business owner and the insurance company to finish out the restoration project.

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Related Water Damage Restoration Issues

Mold growth from Water Damage

If you are unsure how long the leak has been going on, or if you can visibly see mold in your structure, get the water shut off, and call a certified mold remediation company. Then relax.

A certified restoration technician will be dispatched to evaluate the damage, the risk, and the steps needed to be taken to solve the issue. While we take mold growth very seriously, and are well trained and prepared to take action. Most mold can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Fire damage restoration

Fire damage restoration can be related to water damage restoration while putting out a fire. These services go hand-in-hand and if not treated properly, it can become a hazard and damage your property.

A certified fire damage restoration technician will be dispatched to evaluate the damage, the risk, and the steps needed to be taken to solve the issue. We take fire damage very seriously, are well trained, and prepared to take action. 

Sewage related water damage restoration

Don’t panic and try not to enter the affected area. We will send a restoration technician as soon as possible to review the scope of the damage, begin the removal of waste, and sanitize any of the areas or contents affected. Know that raw sewage poses a direct threat to your health, and you need a well-trained professional with the appropriate protective gear to address the issue safely.

Fine Fabric Care’s Air Duct Cleaning FAQs

Can we start restoration of my water damage before my adjuster sees the damage?

Yes. Fine Fabric Care makes a careful diagram, complete with pictures and moisture readings for your insurance company’s review. It is important to halt any further damage from occurring, and it may be some time before an insurance adjuster can personally visit the site.

Will Fine Fabric Care work with my insurance?

Yes. We work directly with your insurance company to provide the best water damage restoration service possible.

I don’t think I’m insured. What do I do?

Call us anyway. Leaving the problem sit can cause tremendous damage. We can take scope of the water damage, perform essential mitigation, provide you with an estimate, and work alongside you to mitigate the damage quickly, efficiently, and economically.

I have mold. Do I need to evacuate the home?

It is always best not to panic. Call us and we will have a water damage restoration technician take a look and give a recommendation. If someone within your house responds strongly to the mold, or if anyone has acute breathing problems, it may be best to avoid that area of the home until restoration is completed.

Other questions or concerns?

We would love to help! Call us: (406) 782-5339or visit our contact page for other ways to contact us.

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