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Air Duct Cleaning – Do I Really Need To?

There is some controversy over the benefits of air duct cleaning. Sadly, taking advantage of the difficult-to-see nature of ducts, some contractors who offer cleaning do not live up to the standards that are expected of them. It is always best to be an informed consumer! There are benefits of a good cleaning, including improved air circulation, removal of unsightly debris and dust, and the knowledge that the ducts which carry your breathing supply of air are shiny, not crud-covered. Health benefits from air duct cleaning have yet to be established, but personal testimonials from clients indicate they do feel some health benefits.

We at Fine Fabric Care are dedicated to ensuring that your needs and wishes are met, providing the best, most thorough cleaning possible. We have reviewed the guidelines set by the EPA, and strive to meet or exceed them, as well as provide transparency to you, the consumer, so you feel confident knowing that your ducts have been cleaned thoroughly.

Click here to be taken to a EPA article discussing whether you should consider cleaning your air ducts, and if you should, how you can be an informed consumer and not get sold a worthless service.

How Often Should I Schedule an Air Duct Cleaning?

There are nearly as many different designs of ducting systems as there are houses with forced air heating. Most systems in town require cleaning no more often than once every seven years or so. Some systems, particularly those in the country, require more frequent service to remain clean. If you have questions as to the cleanliness of your ducts, give us a call at (406) 782-5339, or visit our contact page to find the most convenient way for you to get ahold of us, and we will send a technician with a remote camera over so you can take a look and decide.

What Should I Expect From an Air Duct Cleaning?

Our courteous, clean, and respectful air duct cleaning technicians are trained to be meticulous and efficient when cleaning your duct system. They will begin by cleaning each register and run through the main trunk with a HEPA filtered ROTOBRUSH© machine. What this means for you is that each vent in your house will receiveducts01 personal attention from the technician(s), and will be both brushed and vacuumed out thoroughly. Being HEPA filtered, contaminates that might have come out of your system will be trapped within the machine’s filters, not floating in your air.

Once each run is cleaned back to the main trunk, our technicians will acquire access to both the cold air and heat sides, and use several methods to clean out any remaining debris. The furnace is then vacuumed out, and the system resealed.

Call us today at (406) 782-5339, or visit our contact page to find the most convenient way for you to ask for an estimate.

Air Duct Cleaning FAQs

I have mice! What do I do? Don’t panic. The first step is to get rid of the infestation. An exterminator, or a few well placed live traps can take care of your problem in a short while. Then call us, and inform us of your problem. We’ll send a technician to clean and sanitize your ducts, and we might even try to find how they got in too.

Can you help us with a bad odor? Perhaps. The first step to eliminating odor is to remove the source, and cleaning your ducts is just that. We also have an encapsulant we can use to eliminate most – if not all – odors.

I get alot of dust/soot out of my ducts. Will cleaning them help? Likely. Especially in older houses that used to have (or still have) a wood or coal fireplace, lingering soot can continue its plague for years. We have had good response to this problem from a thorough cleaning of ducts in the past.

Other questions? Concerns? We would love to help! Call us: (406) 782-5339, or visit our contact page to find the most convenient way for you to get ahold of us.

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