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Fire Damage

After you call the fire department, call your insurance company. They will give you instruction, and assign an agent to assist you. Be sure to follow their directions as best you can. Then call us: (406) 782-5339. We will help board up broken windows, protect the house from holes in the roof structure, and get soot off from surfaces that are easily etched.

Fire damage can be overwhelming, and devastating. Know that we have helped many people through them. Contact Fine Fabric Care for fire damage services.


Water Damage

First and foremost, get the water stopped. If you know where the local or main shutoff is and can access it without entering any standing water, do so. If you are unsure, or if you must enter a dangerous situation to get to it, call a plumber. Once the water has stopped, the clock is ticking to begin mitigation. The longer water damage is left without restoration, or wet materials are left untreated, the more damage is done, and mold has the chance to grow. Even if you are reasonably sure that the structure and contents are dry, it is a good idea to contact a professional.


Trauma Scene

Whether it is you that has taken a fall, and need blood cleanup, or a family member or friend has passed away, Fine Fabric Care is here to help with the aftermath of a blood spill or trauma event. At a time when you have more pressing issues to worry about, we will quickly, quietly, and compassionately help remove all visible evidence of the occurrence. We are happy to work with you and your family to ensure important issues are handled, and can, with your permission, work directly with insurance to work out payment.

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