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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are beautiful, comfortable and warm. Used and cared for properly, they can last many years, and be a source of great pride and joy. But if not cared for, unsightly damage can cause many headaches. The most important part of any carpet care – vacuuming – should be frequent and thorough. Some studies show that good vacuuming can remove up to 70% of soils in a textured plush carpet. Depending on use and location, carpets should be cleaned professionally once a year, and spot cleaned as necessary.


Furniture Cleaning

Your furniture is a huge investment, and likely one of the more cherished items in your home. It provides comfort, functionality, and beauty to your home. But it doesn’t take long before even the best furniture is looking dirty.

When you can no longer clean your furniture to your satisfaction, it’s time to call in for a professional furniture cleaning, by Fine Fabric Care.


Area Rug Cleaning

An area rug adds a touch of class and comfort to a room, from the moment of it’s purchase becoming a cherished part of your decor. Used and cared for properly, they can be enjoyed for many years. But if not cared for, they can quickly wear out and have to be replaced. The most important part of any carpet care – vacuuming – should be frequent and thorough. 

air duct cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

There is some controversy over the benefits of air duct cleaning. Sadly, taking advantage of the difficult-to-see nature of ducts, some contractors who offer cleaning do not live up to the standards that are expected of them. It is always best to be an informed consumer! There are benefits of a good cleaning, including improved air circulation, removal of unsightly debris and dust, and the knowledge that the ducts which carry your breathing supply of air are shiny and not crud-covered. 

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Deep Cleaning

Life is busy. And no matter how hard we might work at it, occasionally our homes and businesses start to show the strain. While Fine Fabric Care does not offer regular janitorial services, we can help out, providing a deep, thorough cleaning of your house or business floor to ceiling, including all the nooks and crannies. Call us today at (406) 782-5339, and we’ll send a technician over to take a look and prepare you an estimate.

Always appreciate a business that comes prepared, professional, & detail oriented. Thank you!

Thank you for the excellent cleanup. Please tell your techs that I’m most appreciative.

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We're excited to announce that for May and June, a portion of the proceeds from our carpet and area rug cleaning services will be donated to 4 Paws Rescue and the Chelsea Bailey Butte Silver Bow Animal Shelter animal shelters.

Schedule your carpet and area rug cleaning appointments today and help support our friends at the shelter.